Rockin all over the Harbour

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Tim the singer from Les Savy Fav greets us as we board HMS Rock

It sounds trite, but tonight’s boat cruise with Les Savy Fav and Pretty Girls Make Graves (karaoke style) was really something special.

Since i’m hopeless at writing sentences that flow into each other lazy i shall bullet point some of my highlights:

  • The utter hilariousness of Tim, the lead singer from LSF. The guy is just born to entertain. The wisecracks in between songs, outrageous stage antics, the sea captain’s outfit, the words ‘Drop Bear’ scrawled in large letters over his back, the stripping… Completely off the wall, totally charming and wickedly funny.
  • The singer from Pretty Girls Make Graves was sick, but rather than just cancel their set the band performed and let people from the audience sing their songs. Just like karaoke there was a sheet posted on a wall that listed their setlist, you just needed to write your name down next to a song and you could sing it. How wicked is that?! Everyone who sung performed admirably with the highlight probably being the one sung by the singer from Further.
  • Pizza! The boat made a pitstop to pick up about 50 pizzas. They were gobbled up pretty quick.
  • Sydney! What a freakin beautiful town we live in. There’s no better way to appreciate Sydney than by a boat on the harbour. Watching the sun go down, cruising the harbour, having a few drinks with mates old and new. It don’t get much better.
  • Fireworks! Perfectly timed to coincide with the Les Savy Fav set was a fireworks display on the harbour courtesy of Australian Idol.
  • To end the Les Savy Fav set, Tim got everyone laying on the floor and slowly soothed us all into a sweet and calming end to their raucus performance.
  • Idol! Arriving back to port just in time to amble over to the Opera House and catch the Australian Idol verdict.

It was a wonderful way to spend an evening, and i hardly even mentioned the great music. Credit must go to the folks at PopFrenzy for organising the whole shebang.

Tim sings to Dennis the Menace




  1. I get offered to be taken out for duck on my blog. Now that’s radical. And i like it.

  2. it wasn’t an offer. it was a demand. and of course you like it. it’ll be ducking fantastic.
    and everytime someone says ‘duck’ you have to bob under the table. get it… duck… *nudge, nudge*, duckin’ hilarious.

  3. Ah this just keeps getting better. Duck, puns and dad jokes. Can’t wait.

  4. Dan, every time I see your blog name I think of the Jay-Z lyric in ‘Change Clothes’, “gotta keep the peace like a buddhist” as he pronounces it “booodist” which is how I internally pronounce the name of your blog. tada!

  5. I so love that my blog is taking over headspace from a worldwide religion. I’m just waiting for the day when the Dalai Lama has to explain to people that, no- he’s not affiliated with that blog, he represents this ancient religion. And people will be like, ‘oh, you mean there’s a Boudist religion?!”

  6. Hey Dan,
    Good to meet you at the gig. You got some great photos of it, especially the ones with the skewed lights.
    Catch you at a gig no doubt.

  7. Oh, what nautical fun! Oh, what a blog of biblical proportions!
    And I want an invite to this duck as well please! I am a virgin and it is my belief I am in a need of a good ducking.

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