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I love podcasts. Free audio pleasures that just pop up in my iTunes when i least expect it. Great stuff to lull me to sleep at the end of the night.

Here’s some of my faves. Most are talk, but there’s some music ones at the end.

Indie 103.1 – interviews from the LA radio station, the Steve Jones show is the best. He’s the curmudgeonly guitarist from the Sex Pistols.

Triple J – hand pick your fave shows.

Radio National – for The Media Report and Background Briefing.

KCRW – for The Business and The Treatment – both about film and the movie business. And Music Exchange for new music recommendations.

The Russell Brown Show – a video podcast of photoshop tips.

The Ricky Gervais Show – they’ve gone to a fee based offering now, but the first series is still available to download.

Not Your Usual Bollocks – Indie music out of the UK by a kiwi.

Modcast – Music chosen by Modular artists, so far Cut Copy and Van She. Mainly hip electro remixes.

Any others you’d recommend?




  1. I quite like Coverville (do a search in iTunes), which collects covers, usually within some kind of theme. Some gleaming gems among them.

  2. Yeah the Ricky Gervais show is freakin hilarious at times. When I first heard Carl’s diary extracts, I literally laughed out aloud on a packed train.
    For cinema-lovers, I’d have to say Cinecast is one of the better film review style podcasts.
    And yes KCRW’s The Business is a great insight into the movie business.

  3. Dan, would you know of any PC friendly tutorials about photoshop that I could download off the net? I figure you might know the best sites.
    There are days that I wish I had an ipod.

  4. the boys at drowned in sound do a really good podcast. it is pretty much centred on the UK indie scene… definately worth checking out…
    btw – sean: the cbc podcast is topshelf… lurve that one…

  5. My vote is also for the CBC Radio 3 podcasts. Ever since discovering them a few months ago, I’ve been an addict! Last week’s (podcast #43) was especially rockin’.

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