3 Songs. No Flash – last day today!

3 Songs. No Flash has been a great success so far. The opening night was huge, with hundreds of people pouring through – even long after 320 beers and 7 bottles of wine had been drunk. Yesterday afternoon we had a steady stream of people come through – with a few more prints sold.

Thanks so much to everyone who has come to see 3 Songs. No Flash. It made me very proud to see so many friends, family and strangers come along.

I didn’t actually take any shots at the opening while the room was heaving, but i will take some shots of the space today, before it all gets packed up again.

I’ll do fuller de-brief with pictures once i get some more time.

Thanks again people – the stress, money and hard work has paid off.

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  1. Olivia – i let some of the local artists know shots of them would be in the show, but i didn’t ask permission to sell or exhibit the photos. I’m still not 100% certain on the legalities of it.
    I picked shots that i took at a shows when i didn’t sign a photo contract. So i didn’t put in any Greenday or Coldplay shots for example. I did put some Iggy Pop at the Big Day Out, but i didn’t sell those, just displayed them.

  2. I couldn’t make it there over the weekend but would be very interested in purchasing a print or two. Would this be a possibility at all in the future?
    I’m glad the event evovled so well 🙂

  3. Leah – yeah, now i’ve had some experience with printing photos i’ll be happy to sell more prints in the future.
    We’ll soon re-configure the website, hopefully with a gallery that shows what photos we showed, and instructions on how to buy a print.

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