3 Songs. No Flash – this weekend!

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3 Songs. No Flash

It’s less than a week now till the opening of 3 Songs. No Flash. I saw my final prints last week and they look alright. They’re printed on metallic paper, most at 18×12 inches, and a few huge ones at 45×30. They’re currently getting mounted and will be ready to hang on Thursday.

Of course i’ve got last minute anxieties: did i choose the right photos? Are the prints any good? Will the mounting place have ruined the prints? Will anyone turn up? Will too many people turn up?

I’ll be selling prints, but i’m still not sure what price to set them at. The show’s more about an excuse to show off our work than it is to make money.

Fingers crossed everything goes to plan.




  1. Hey heard an interview on the weekend about the exhibition on FBi radio. Good luck with it. May pop in Friday night if I get the chance.

  2. i’m guessing the photo’s will look great, the place will be packed,youll have too many nervous wines, your face will hurt from smiling, youll kiss a million people, shake hands a hundred times, and then your head wont fit out the door! ha

  3. Of course people will show, i plan too so thats at least one

  4. hey bubba
    good luck with the show, I’m so excited for you! I hope it goes really well.
    And let me know what prints you are selling (if any are left) I want the chance to line your pockets a little!

  5. breathe in. breathe out. EVERYTHING is gonna be fine!!
    it will rock, you guys will rock, a good time will be had by all!

  6. Dan. It will look AMAZING! With your photos enlarged, framed and done on that great paper, its going to look fantastic. Have a grand time!

  7. Hey Dan
    I’m planning on dropping by and checking it out tonight. Best of luck in case I don’t run into you. I’m picturing hundreds of groupies and punters making the most of the free booze. Have you thought about a door b*tch?

  8. I think you might be right. Every Surry Hills freeloader and their dog will be there. I don’t really know what a door bitch would do though? It’ll just be anarchic.

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