Children Collide and listening catch up

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Children Collide

I spent several hours on trains this weekend which gave me a chance to actually listen to some of the new music i accumulate.

I finally listened to the Dappled Cities Fly record which deserves the raves. And despite what some are saying, i think the new Bloc Party album is fabulous. I love Red Riders but somehow i didn’t find the album captured the joy i get from seeing their live show. The Teenager album is all cool and sleazy with the lush production you’d expect. It’s taken them a long time to get that record out, i first saw Teenager in July 2004 at The Hopetoun, supporting a pre-afro Wolfmother.

Children Collide

One little EP that particularly impressed is the new one from Children Collide, Glass Mountain Liars. You might call it grunge, it’s got a sound that reminds me of the 90’s bands i used to listen to. A little more uptempo though. Either way, it’s good. There’s a couple of tracks to download over at Sandwich Club.

Children Collide

The pictures decorating this post are of Children Collide at Homebake. One of these days i’ll post the rest of my Homebake photos.

Children Collide




  1. I was trying to work out how you got the Children Collide photos so sharp and so much depth of field then I realised you used the flash.
    As I type this I am going through all my photos so hopefully I will start getting them online but given my track record I am making no promises.

  2. These GUYS ROCK!
    Damn i cant stop listening to them aye..
    Keep it up.. We need more Aussie Music playen
    x x x

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