Lily Allen DJing Rebel Rebel this Saturday

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Seeing as i don’t have any pictures of Lily Allen, the fellas above in Marching Room (nee Phonograph) who are also performing at Rebel Rebel this Saturday night will suffice.

Lily Allen will be DJing not singing but performing live will be Marching Room, The Camels, Flamingo Crash (who i’m keen to see after gave them a good rap) and Little Athletics.

It’s $15 a head to get in, but i’ve got 5 double passes to give away. Leave any comment you like below for a chance to win. I’ll pick 5 random commenters to win.


Congrats to the winners. Here’s some photos i took on the night. Just the one of Lily since her heavy handed security shoo’d me away.




  1. I just saw your shots of DJ Shadow… didn’t realise you were there! Will have to say gday at Rebel Rebel if my stars are aligned…
    So Lily Allen’s Club77 thing on Thursday is an actual performance though eh?

  2. Yeah, at Club 77 on Thursday night it’s an actual performance. If you can be arsed queueing up for hours to get in.

  3. just get one person in to open the emergency exit and all make a run for it!
    or, line up early.

  4. thank you kindly for the link. flamingo crash are great live, you’ll get some good shots in if you’re in the mood for it.

  5. hrmm don’t think I could be fucked going on Thursday… will just have to use those free tix on Sat instead 😉

  6. I am looking forward to her DJ set as her two mix tapes have been quite enjoyable.
    Anyone know what time she is DJing?

  7. Lily is on the decks @ approx 1am…. but there are a-plenty of other great acts to keep you amused starting @ 10pm…

  8. Phonograph is a much better band name than Marching Room, those kids ought to do some re-rethinking!

  9. Yeah – i’m still not sold on Marching Room . But’s it’s damn tough thinking up a good band name.
    I believe they had to change the name after a US band called Phonograph started getting uppity with them.

  10. I’m keen to see Lily’s DJ set this Sat. 2 working days ’til weekend, c’mon.

  11. Considering that Lily is way fly (any chick that takes the piss outta 50 cent’s window shopper by talking bout her nan’s escapades gets two thumbs up in my book), i’m keen to see her skills on decks and voice in person!

  12. well ill be there at club 77, lining up for some ridiculous amount of time. probably won’t be early enough. sigh sigh.
    looking forward to her DJ set though. her mixtapes are great.

  13. im about to head to da lill allen gig… its a bit early but she is worth it…her mix tapes are awasome… i would love to go to her dj set… cheers

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