My photos in Mess & Noise

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Mess and Noise isn’t just a message board where indie rock snobs go to bitch about stuff and waste time at work. It’s also a rather wonderful Australian music magazine.

The latest issue features an abundance of my photos. The cover shot is one of mine, there’s a 6 page spread of my photos, plus my shots illustrate articles on The Sleepy Jackson and The Model School. So much stuff it seemed to warrant my name on the cover. So that’s all rather nice indeed.

PS. I have a box of Mess and Noise magazines which i’ll take along to 3 Songs. No Flash. So pop in over the weekend if you’d like to pick up a copy.




  1. you are really pickin up speed, i love it! suddenly, everythings happening and i couldnt be happier for you

  2. hey I picked this up the other day, recognised the image immediately!
    Anyway they are definitely lurking in Melbourne 🙂

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