My new job

My new job

I started a new job a couple of weeks ago, Chief Photographer for Time Out Sydney magazine.

It’s pretty bloody exciting, getting paid to take pictures fulltime. And for a magazine i’ve loved as a reader while travelling, one that’s just starting up in my hometown.

It’s an unplanned career turn. For the past seven years i’ve worked in the web design field. I have a communications degree, but no formal training in photography. When i took up the hobby about 5 years ago i never dreamed that one day i’d be "Chief Photographer" for a world recognised magazine title.

For the past few years my passion for working on the web was drifting. That coincided with my passion (some might say obsession) with photography ever increasing.

I kept getting more and more freelance photography jobs. My pictures had appeared in magazines all over the world, but the income i was making was little more than pocket money. I continued to work full time in my day job while doing photography on the side.

When i was approached about taking up the photography gig at Time Out it was a no brainer. A regular income taking pictures everyday for a magazine i love. So far i’ve shot chefs, drag queens, venues, tourist attractions, food, a swimming pool, coffee, a fashion designer and a musician.

I couldn’t imagine a much better job.

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  1. congrats again dan. some of the things you’ve already photographed sound quite awesome so i hope it continues for you.
    keep setting a great example for us amateur photographers dreaming of a better place… :)

  2. Incredible…I’ve been waiting for an update of your site for a couple of days, all the while thinking “oh, Dan must be busy with his REAL job”.
    Congrats. It was your blog that inspired me to get a 30d 18 months ago.
    From the pic it looks like you’re using Lightroom rather than Aperture. Looks a little more intuitive to me.
    Keep the updates rolling in…

  3. Thanks all :)
    Sevi – i’m just using Bridge. I used to use iView Media Pro but it kept crashing on me. I’ve never tried Aperture or Lightroom.

  4. mate – working for time out!!! well done
    interesting that the are starting up in sydney also – it is a bible here in london town as you would know
    rock it

  5. Hmm,
    I didn’t know anything about this. You never mentioned it once……
    Seriously though, I’m glad you’re enjoying it. See you in January.

  6. That is bloody unreal!! I’ve really enjoyed watching this journey of your unfold on here. Congratulations!!
    Don’t forget…your ‘hobby’ is now tax deductible!!!

  7. félicitations, tes photos sont superbes…tu méritais ce poste.
    amitiés photographiques
    franck (from france suburd of paris)

  8. Hi,
    Just wanted to tell you how happy I am for you.
    I am following your adventures through the updates on your website and I find that you deserve this hot job into photography.
    Well done. All the best.
    Hope to meet you one day.

  9. What a wonderful and exciting change in life.
    You truly are inspirational, Daniel.
    I remember when I first discovered your blog and it was full of photos of you and your friends jumping and out at bars.
    I’ve pretty much watched you grow as a photographer, gain confidence and I’ve seen the passion grow in you just through reading your blog and meeting you along the way.
    Congratulations…I’m certain that you’ll be as well known and as celebrated as Tony Mott in years to come.

  10. Congratulations Dan!
    That’s fantastic that Time Out has come to Sydney. It will be interesting to see how it goes down as it obviously costs money but in people in Sydney town are used to free street press.

  11. Good on ya mate!
    Find your passion, follow your passion, and good things will come! It inspires, it motivates, and fulfills.
    If you shoot in RAW, Lightroom brings back detail in blown-out highlights. It also allows you to change the WB and exposure of your pictures like many RAW conversion softwares out there. But it is more intuitive and easy to use.

  12. Congratulations, Dan :) like i said it’s always great to see one of the good guys getting ahead.
    Having a job that satisfies your passions is one of the greatest things you’ll ever experience…glad you’ve found it! x

  13. It’s all about the Saturn Return.
    I think I can finally kick my day job in too…
    Look forward to the first issue.
    Congratulations. xx

  14. Congrats Dan!
    What a amazing job to start, Time Out is a great mag and your photos will be a wonderful addition to it. Way to go!

  15. Congrats
    Lightroom really streamlines the workflow & I’ll just second what was saids above
    “If you shoot in RAW, Lightroom brings back detail in blown-out highlights. It also allows you to change the WB and exposure of your pictures like many RAW conversion softwares out there. But it is more intuitive and easy to use.”
    & Aperture tends to be a bit of a procceser hog …….
    happy snaps

  16. Dan, that is just the best news…
    its been pretty obvious for some time that an offer like this was just around the corner…
    and Time Out…. yowser. TO was my favouritest NY guide – i hope they make one just as good for Syders.
    you really have to change your little profile blurb now.

  17. Congratulations Dan!
    I have to say that this is so freakin cool! I think it is amazing what talent and a passion for something like photography can do in so little time.
    Your story is an inspiration and your photography is my primary measuring stick for quality.
    All the best from this Floridian in The US of A!

  18. damn you! you lucky lucky LUCKY baaaaastard! I dream of jobs like that.. whilst I work full time as a digital processing dogsbody for a photolab..
    oh well, at least the weekend’s are still fun getting killed in tiny music venues taking band photos.. aaah :)

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