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Sneakers Party photo flyer

This weekend i’m part of a group gallery show of Purple Sneakers party photos.

It’s at China Heights on Saturday and Sunday afternoon featuring the work of Cybele Malinowski, Luke Austin, Ashley Mar, Vic Frankowski and me.

The opening night (not advertised on the flyer) is invite only but if you’d like to come along drop me a line and i’ll send you an invite.

It’s a pretty strange idea putting party snaps on display in a gallery. They’re very low brow art – intended to be glanced at on a website or in the social pages. But anything’s art once it’s hung on a wall. In a city filled with vanity and self obsession it makes sense.

Party photos have exploded in the past few years. There’s so many websites for them and pages of print dedicated to them. There’s obviously a huge appetite for them even though people love to slag them off.

I’ve assembled a directory of sorts of some the better party photo sites out there in Australia and the US.

Australian Party Photos

The US Masters

There’s also the party photo section of my site, but i’ve been quiet on that front of late. Also i just finished building the photo gallery for Bad Kids Recreation Club. Photos aren’t by me, and there’s only one night’s worth so far, but watch it grow over the coming weeks.

Add a comment if you know other party photo sites that deserve a mention.




  1. damn you’re good. that first one is so good mr.

  2. you should get some photos of gisborne rage ing in the clubz sooo gangstahr

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