Sydney Apple Store opens to the public

In Documentary Photography


  1. That is crazy!
    Imagine what it will be like on the launch day for the iPhone!

  2. I was there! No where near the entrance when it opened though, but I did get a T-shirt, which I’ll probably never wear, not wanting to advertise for them and all. They should be paying me to do that.
    Lovely photos! I would’ve loved to meet you, but alas, I probably wouldn’t have recognised you anyways 🙁 Maybe at a concert or something.

  3. I just don’t get it… Sure, I like Apple stuff, but who cares about a shop? Do these douchebags know they have an online shop?

  4. spod you’re a fool, of course people know you can get apple products from other places than this new shop.
    However if you’ve ever heard of the buzz surrounding apple store openings you’d know why this was so big.
    It was a spectacle, not a means to purchase an apple product on its opening night (probably less than 20% of the people that queued up that night, including myself, wouldn’t have bought anything)

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