Come Together Festival at Luna Park

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Come Together Festival

It’s been a while between shooting gigs for me, but i was back on the game on Saturday at the Come Together Festival at Luna Park. It was a good chance to catch up with a bunch of local bands and see the new upstarts.


Bluejuice seemed to have the best crowd reaction all day. People were going bananas for them. And despite Jake having a plaster cast on his leg, he was hopping around dancing madly on stage.

Come Together Festival
Young and Restless

As usual Young and Restless were intense and Karina re-inforced her status as the number one frontwoman in Australia.

The Thrills

Dublin boys The Thrills made up the minor international component of the day.

The Galvatrons

The Galvatrons impressed with their Van Halen-esque anthems. They’re the latest buzz band around but it remains to be seen what it will amount to.

Come Together Festival

Sparkadia was fantastic as usual. With their new album hitting the airwaves they seem to have picked up a legion of new fans.

Luna Park

It’s a pretty cool venue for a music festival, a fun park underneath the Harbour Bridge.

Little Red

Little Red crooned with their nostalgic love songs.

Luna Park Big Top

The cavernous Big Top where most bands played.


Faker deservedly headlined the day and put on a reliably energetic performance.

Dirty Secrets

I’d not seen The Dirty Secrets before but they were rather good. Reminscint of The Killers or Hot Hot Heat.

Come Together Festival

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  1. Awesome, looks like it was a fun fest. I’m really liking your crowd photos, especially the ones where you catch up-front punters unawares, blissing out to the tunes.

  2. This is quite cool, you have such an awesome job. I am rather fond of Little Red! I’m checking out the rest of your photos in your gallery right now. Can’t wait.

  3. Excellent photos. Certainly beats my efforts.
    I sent a message of absolute fandom to you Dan through Ashley, I believe. Doubt it reached you so I reiterate: Love your work.

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