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  1. And what a journey it has been, Dan!
    I can’t remember when I first set foot on your blog. I think it had something to do with you having a bit-part in a Little Birdy video clip for Tonight’s The Night, if I remember correctly.
    So, I guess I’ve been tuning in for that long! You’re such an inspiration Dan.
    I’m slowly meeting a lot of Sydney photogs, so maybe someday I will meet you too!

  2. Has it been five years already? Wow man, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you’re a source of constant inspiration and I couldn’t be prouder!
    As a wise man once said “Our baby’s all growed up!”

  3. Can’t say that I’ve watched it happen as others may have, but it’s great to read about others success when they definitely deserve it

  4. awesome.. especially considering how utterly random and unfocused it started off, and how far it’s taken you to where you are now..
    I like to think of that as an inspiration :)

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