People i’ve shot


Here’s some photos of people i’ve taken for Time Out Sydney of late.

Zoo (above) is a performance artist i photographed in a butcher’s cool room.

Henry Rollins

A happy Henry Rollins in his hotel room.

Minnie Cooper and Cooper

Minnie Cooper with her dog Cooper on the roof of her apartment block.


Canadian improv group Scratch on stage at the Factory Theatre.

Justin Hemmes

Hospitality mogul Justin Hemmes in his bar Ivy.

Siimon Reynolds

Advertising guru Siimon Reynolds on his balcony.


Austen Tayshus on his balcony.

Poker Champ

Poker champ Grant Levy at Star City Casino.

Bianca Zampatti

Fashion designer Bianca Zampatti in her city studio.


Graffiti artist Mistery in the back streets of Marrickville.

Al Pitcher

Comedien Al Pitcher in a building site.

Olivia Newton John

Olivia Newton John at a press conference.

Kitty Glitter

Drag DJ Kitty Glitter at a gym in Kings Cross.

5 thoughts

  1. hey dan, great stuff as always! i just wanted to know what’s your lighting set-up on location? i surmise some on-camera bounce and off-camera direct. do you use softboxes or umbrellas?

  2. Every photo is different. In these shots there’s a mix of natural light, on camera flash, off camera flash and using a reflector.
    I don’t use umbrellas, but i’ve just started to experiment with a softbox on my 580ex. You can see that in the Siimon Reynolds shot.
    If there’s a particular shot you’re curious about let me know and i’ll explain the set up.

  3. ditto here Dan,
    your flash work is awesome. makes me want to get some new gear.
    the Siimon Reynolds shot in particular looks great. if you could give some more details around yr setup for that one and/or the Minnie Cooper one that’d be hot :)

  4. The Siimon Reynolds one was the first time i experimented using my Canon 580ex in a softbox. I used my ebay trigger, so i could fire the flash wirelessly. The softbox is meant for a studio light, so it needs to be handheld with the 580ex.
    I had our Deputy Editor holding the flash into a softbox – kind of like a human light stand – just off to the right of the camera.
    The Minnie Cooper shot was lit just with a reflector, no flash. I had the journo holding the reflector just over my head, bouncing the sunlight back onto Minnie. It had the silver cover on.
    I’m by no means an expert on this stuff – i’m just learning and experimenting when i can.

  5. I was just wandering through my own blog trying to find my photo of a double-rainbow. And saw your comment on the entry, came here, and am most impressed with your work… will put you on my roll.
    back to rainbows… x natalija

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