Coldplay at Acer Arena

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  1. Keen to see the shots backstage, will they be online anytime soon after publication etc?

  2. What an interesting evening that was! Chris looks a little dazed and confused in that last shot, don’t you think?

  3. That was really stupid that you could only stay at the front of the stage for Violent Hill. I would have thought they would let you have your 3 songs there instead of around the side.

  4. @dan – the backstage shots were fairly boring, just the band posing with a group of people from the record company, handing over a plaque, shaking hands, that sort of thing.
    @chris – unfortunately i missed Mercury Rev! I was stuck in the backstage area doing some photos.

  5. oh fair enough….yeah that does sound boring
    diggin no.3, pity the guitarist to have his head to the right a few cm’s to block out that glare

  6. FANTASTIC pictures (as always) Dan, I have to show my partner Pauly these pics, he says Coldplay is one of the best bands he’s ever seen live
    x Rach

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