Popfrenzy Afloat 2009

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Popfrenzy Boat Cruise 2009

Last Sunday eve was spent aboard a boat pottering around Sydney harbour. It was playing host to Popfrenzy afloat, with performances from Traps, Spod, Matt and Kim and The Meanies.

The Meanies

It was the third such seafaring Popfrenzy affair i’d been on (previously in 2004 with Les Savy Fav and 2006 with Les Savy Fav, The Gossip et al) so i knew it would be good fun.


I took some pictures for Mess and Noise but wasn’t really feeling my photo mojo. I’ve been seeing amazing shots of Matt and Kim for ages courtesy of Tod Seelie and i think that put me off. My shots wouldn’t compare and i just wasn’t in the mood to flash in people’s faces and get those knockout shots.

Matt and Kim

Here’s some more of my pictures.

Fellow snapper Will took some neat shots and Matt Booy made a surprise appearance on his brief visit back to Sydney.

While i’m posting gig photos, here’s some from the Essential Festival a few weeks ago, another show i snapped for Mess and Noise.

Young and Restless
Belles Will Ring