Behind the Scenes of Australia’s Next Top Model

Back in June i had an assignment for ACP magazines, shooting pictures behind-the-scenes at the taping of an Australia’s Next Top Model shoot.

I’ve never seen the show before, except for that kerfuffle over Sarah Murdoch announcing the wrong winner. No such problems on a non-live taping like i was tagging along with though.

The shoot was a challenge for the models at B2 Studios, an advertising photo shoot for Kotex with photographer Stephen Ward. Five girls posed separately for the photo with the winner being chosen to feature in the real advertisement.

The models get their hair and makeup done while the cameras roll

Model Sophie Van Den Akker gets her make up started

Sophie has final touches done to her makeup

Sophie gets a wig fitted

Models Kathryn Lyons and Sophie Van Den Akker in her wig

"Model Mentor" Josh Flinn chats to Sophie after her shoot

Photography assistants test the shot before the models arrive

Model Kelsey Martinovich poses for the shot while the crew look on

Behind the scenes in the studio

Photographer Stephen Ward with his eye to the camera

There's a digital operator on set who downloads the shots and comps them straight into an ad layout

A preview mock up of what the final ad layout will look like

After the five models are shot, mockups of the ad layouts are printed with their photo in it. Here, photographer Stephen Ward surveys the images determining whose photo is best.

Kelsey is announced the winner

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