The Scare call it quits

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The Scare upstairs at The Annandale, March 2009

After 7 years as a band, The Scare yesterday declared they were pulling the plug and disbanding after their next run of four shows.

It’s always disappointing when a band you’ve supported and enjoyed splits up. And The Scare will always be close to my heart because they were one of the very first bands i documented with my camera, way back in 2004 on my crappy point and shoot before i even knew how to use an SLR.

The Scare at Spectrum November 2004

So here’s a bit of a photo tribute to The Scare and all the times i’ve seen them in the past 6 years.

The Scare, still innocent young lads from the Sunshine Coast
At Homebake 2005
Lead singer Kiss at Homebake 2005

That photo above felt like the start of something exciting when it came to shooting live bands for me. In your face, emotional and loud.

The Scare were always a blast to photograph, not least because lead singer Kiss was so confrontational and unpredictable.

Homebake 2005
The Scare singer Kiss (in Kiss t-shirt) onstage with Die Die Die at Homebake 2005
The Scare at Phoenix October 2006

The Scare at Homebake 2007
At the MTV Awards 2008
On the set of the video clip for No Money, March 2009

The Scare perform at the Australian Music Prize (AMP) winners ceremony, March 2009

When The Scare performed at the AMP award ceremony in 2009 i thought it was going to be the start of a new trajectory for them. Their new Daniel Johns produced record was about to be released, they performed their strong lead single No Money, and i felt for sure they’d be a good bet to pick up the Australian Music prize the next year. Shockingly they didn’t even get to the finalists.

Kiss, backstage at a taping of MTV's The Lair April 2009
The Scare perform on MTV's The Lair
Spectrum, April 2009
Backstage at The Annandale before The Scare performed for the My Filthy Riot Festival

It’s sad to see the end of The Scare, but i look forward to seeing what rises from their ashes.



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  1. you really are a sydney music historian dan. quite a pictorial story you have captured.

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